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Director Paulus Bruegmann

Despite his young age, Paulus already presents a great body of work which shows his deep grasp of filmmaking, of proximity and a heightened sense of observation. Often in and with movement, close to and with people, never staged but true and real.

  • +41 43 501 55 00
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Paulus Bruegmann Director

Swisscom Mute the Hate

Mute the Hate Swisscom

Wallis Finds uf Wallis

Finds uf Wallis Wallis

Wallis Paradies

Paradies Wallis

Wallis Find, was dier güet tüet dische Winter.

Find, was dier güet tüet dische Winter. Wallis

Swisscom Für euch: Notruf

Für euch: Notruf Swisscom
  • DirectorPaulus Bruegmann
  • DPHolger Diener